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    In the movie Hugo who was the French Film-Maker portrayed by Ben Kingsley?

    • Louis Malle
    • Georges Méliès
    • Jacques Demy
    • André Bazin
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    who scored the music for Hitchcock’s ‘Psycho’?

    • Alex North
    • Jerry Goldsmith
    • Erich Wolfgang Korngold
    • Bernard Herman
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    Which is the first and oldest film studio in the world?

    • Pathé
    • Gaumont
    • Paramount
    • Nordisk Film
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    ‘Best Picture’ award at the Oscars used to be given to the production studio. From which year was it given to the film’s producer?

    • 1951
    • 1963
    • 1972
    • 1994
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    It took 92 years for the Best Picture award to be given to a film NOT in the English language. Which language was the film made in?

    • Swedish
    • Korean
    • Chinese
    • Thai
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    In what year was the first Berlin International Film Festival?

    • 1951
    • 1979
    • 1991
    • 1998
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    Which film industry has the SECOND highest output of movies each year with over 2500 films each year?

    • Hollywood (USA)
    • Bollywood (India)
    • Nollywood (Nigeria)
    • Chinawood (China)
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    Which country produced the film that had the highest number of tickets sold (91.4million) in the Soviet Union?

    • USA
    • West Germany
    • Russia
    • Mexico
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    Who is the highest grossing live-action actor of all time?

    • Tom Hanks
    • Samuel L Jackson
    • Scarlett Johannsson
    • Robert Downey Jr.
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    Which 1993 Chinese language film is the only winner of the Palme D’Or in Cannes?

    • Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
    • Farewell My Concubine
    • Memoires Of A Geisha
    • Yellow Earth

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Written by Joseph Metcalfe

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