A PASSION for connection

bringing people together who can make all the difference

“Whether online or in person FILMingle is all about true connections with people who share the same passion for making compelling content to serve both the entertainment and business needs.”

About FILMingle & How It All Began

FILMingle was born after the final ‘mix and mingle’ session of the European Film Market in early March 2021. The enthusiasm of people who wanted to continue networking and build relationships was tangible. Having attended numerous film markets over his career, FILMingle founder, Joseph Metcalfe, recognized that it’s often a struggle to maintain connections with the many new connections he makes. So, he decided to reach out to his new connections from EFM and build a place where people could turn their new acquaintances into lasting business, professional and creative relationships. 

The aim of this website is to make a home where it’s easy to reach out to fellow professionals, promote your services, needs or talents, connect with other members and come together in meaningful ways that may just take everyone up to the next level of their careers.

ALL walks of life – bringing the world together

Never in the history of time has there been so many resources to bring the world together. Barriers and borders that once divided our world have been completely redefined and the opportunity to build dreams together is right at our door. 

The independent film community is more dependent than ever on the whole world working together to make great movies. After the re-writing of the rules of distribution the floodgates have opened for independent movies to emerge onto the screens in every home. At FILMingle the hope is to create a synergy and collaborative environment so we can each feel our value in our respective crafts.

At FILMingle the goal isn’t to define people by nationality, race, gender, physical ability or sexual preferences. We hope people will define who each person is by their skills and abilities, where talent can be recognized, celebrated and honored by its own merits and collaborative development, all while reaching a fulfilling potential by being the amazing individual that each member is.