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Money vs Time

We have 86,400 seconds given to us every day. If you’re a ‘normal’ human, then roughly 28,800 of them are used up sleeping. What we choose to do with the remaining 57,600 becomes the essence of who we are and how we’re defined in life. I wonder, if a dollar sign was put in front of each second ($57,600) then would the way we value our time be perceived and respected very differently?

Freelancers need to be among the elite to succeed. Elite, not in terms of wealth or award recognition (although those don’t hurt) but in terms of being self-starters, discipline and finishers. Without a boss over you, dictating deadlines, it’s so tempting to find excuses to put off what you’re doing for ANY other excuse just to avoid facing the seemingly difficult task at hand. Thus, we end up with so many unfinished projects or even un-started ideas.

The funny thing about having a monetary perspective of time is that we think if we actually did have all that money each day then we’d be rich and could do whatever we wanted. The truth is, even without capital, we’re still able to tap into our resourcefulness to find solutions to overcome the obstacle and end up being even more proud of our achievements because of a useful use of time. I tend to think that placing money as being our ‘reason’ to not do something is a distorted vision because if we lose or are even robbed of money, we can always find a way to make it back again. But TIME… once gone you can never get it back.

As an independent, we tend not to think of things in terms of ‘hourly wage’ or annual salary. We thinks as entrepreneurs. What is the value of something rather than what is the cost of something? Therefore, we should measure our efforts in value of time. 

When we get those creative blocks, find those excuses not to do something or to replace the task at hand with another distraction we’ve effectively made a choice that has taken us away from the value of what we’re setting out to achieve. It’s a choice not to have finished the task, project, book, script or whatever our objective was. Those who are professionals and constantly working are working all the time because they chose to never stop writing, working.

Of course, I’m not saying to lose focus on finance. After all, we’ve still got a responsibility to keep a roof over our heads, food on the table and clothes on our backs. But with enough decision making to not let monetary obstacles get in the way, time becomes the provider of great achievement of incredible value. Valuing time by making quick decisions removes writers block. If it’s the ‘wrong choice’ to have made you can always come back and change. But by letting our excuses get in the way we’ll have nothing tangible to go back and change.


In essence, perhaps more emphasis needs to be place upon the value of how we SPEND time than money. 

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