Monthly Global Meetings Online

We welcome film industry people seeking International Co-Productions, Financing, Talent, Pre-Production, Production, Post Production & Distribution

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Open Platform Meetups

We are grateful to Filmocracy for opening their Remo platform to us to use as an online meeting space. You can arrange meetings there 24/7/365. We highly recommend Filmocracy if you want to host an online festival, attend online festivals and view movies as they hit the festival markets. Too many benefits to mention!

Just go to:

There are no fees to sign up or participate in our FILMingle space, although we encourage you to sign up check out the details for membership to ALL the festivals they host at an extraordinary value! Looking forward to connecting.

In-Person Local Meetups

After being exclusively online since the lockdown, starting February 2022, we are moving to monthly networking meetings in local cities. Communication about our local meetups will happen through LinkedIn Groups which so far have been created in the following cities (click the box to join):

PLANNING FOR STUNTS with Christopher Morrison

Sorry if you missed it. But there's good news: A video recording of the session has been made and you can watch it right here, right now... be entertained and educated all in one go. Enjoy:

The Power of You - Synergy of Many

Have you ever noticed just how many people make the credits list on the movies? And think of all those whose names don't appear. It's proof that every production's success depends upon each person who specializes in their field of expertise and the way they work with the other members of the production's team.

Your network of film industry professionals is many times larger than the people you already know, for every colleague is also connected to tens or hundreds of other people too. FILMingle is the place to get to know other film makers with a goal of helping each other to open doors that might be the gateway to your next big production.

Film Crew Setting Up

Networking for the Independent Film Industry

FILMingle's goal is to be a place to meet people across the globe who may be at various stage of their production, experience and expertise. It's the best of networking for the Independent Film Industry. From seasoned, working professionals to those looking for internships we aim to be a safe, non-threatening place to connect with people who share the same passion for making movies and a living. From development through to distribution we hope you will find proven resources, writers, producers, production companies (especially to partner for tax incentives) crews, sales agents and distributors to aid in your next production.